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Although short-term insurance is an extremely important aspect of risk management within a business and ultimately serves to protect employers and employees alike, it is often not assessed as comprehensively as the myriad of other financial requirements with which businesses today are required to contend.

At Efficient Advise however, we believe that short term insurance forms an integral part of ensuring the financial well being of your business, your employees and your shareholders.

For this reason we have designed a short-term insurance offering, with best of breed risk analysis, assessment and pricing capabilities to cater for the diverse needs of our clients at a personal and business level.

Efficient Advise, through our world class electronic platform and through our strategic alliance with one of South Africa’s foremost risk services specialists, provides our clients with a comparative analysis of alternative cover options and quotations to accommodate their every need.

Our clients are thus placed in a position where they are able to comprehensively assess a number of suitable short-term insurance alternatives with the freedom to choose the solution that best suits their specific needs.

Efficient Benefits:

Our Offering:

  • A single point of entry for multiple solutions
  • Professional and qualified insurance advisers
  • Thorough and detailed risk assessments
  • Annual review and re-pricing process

Our Offering

  • Commercial Business Cover
  • Vehicle Fleet Cover
  • Specialist Legal Liabilities
  • Contractors All Risks
  • Risk Needs Analysis