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The investment environment offers an extremely wide range of alternative investment options, each designed to accommodate specific needs and each with their own risk, return, term, tax and legal characteristics. Understanding the multitude of factors and requirements relevant to different types of investments can be an extremely daunting task and can have a significant impact on the eventual outcome of any business investment strategy.

Efficient Advise, through its own specialist investment management affiliates and via a wide range of third party investment management specialists, offers a range of investment options to suit the needs of every business. Our offering incorporates the provision of local and international investments across most asset classes and within a broad range of legal structures, thus catering for the specific requirements of any business.

Our services include the provision of a comprehensive analysis of your existing investment portfolio and the compilation an investment strategy to suit your business’ risk profile, investment objectives and future needs. These investment plans are then actively managed, in consultation with a specialist Certified Financial Planner with the support of a high profile independent investment committee, on an ongoing basis. The management process is designed to ensure that the portfolio structure is continually adjusted to take account of changes to your business environment and of factors influencing the overall investment environment.

Efficient Benefits:

  • A dedicated Certified Financial Planner allocated to every business
  • Investment approval through a high profile and independent Investment Committee
  • A detailed and ongoing risk and needs analysis process
  • Access to a broad range of approved investment products and services through a single point of contact

Our Offering:

  • Personal Share Portfolios (with performance based fee structure)
  • Wide range of approved Unit Trust Funds
  • Wide range of approved Fund of Funds
  • Managed and tax-efficient International Investments
  • Access to wide range of tax-efficient assurance based investments