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Personal and commercial asset finance have become increasingly complex, often requiring specialist knowledge and expertise. With the introduction of the National Credit Act and the increasingly stringent and varying criteria being applied by lenders, it has become difficult to obtain asset finance facilities. Comparing the various options can also be tricky because interest rates, term, loan-to-value and other criteria applied to such loans also differ from lender to lender and by asset type.

Efficient Advise, in consultation with Efficient Asset Finance, has developed a simplified and effective process to facilitate a specific and select range of asset finance transactions.

We facilitate access to a specialist asset finance consultant who will follow a rigorous pre-assessment process to establish the viability of the application in order to ensure an efficient and timeous response to applications.

Efficient Benefits:

  • Dedicated asset finance specialist
  • Completion and submission of applications to suitable lenders
  • Ongoing feedback throughout the application process
  • Independent conditional pre-approval process through a single point of contact

Our Offering:

  • Residential and commercial property finance
  • Office automation finance
  • Instalment sale, lease and rental finance of productive assets
  • Debtors and working capital finance