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Overview on Administration Services

Although standard reporting is available for all investments placed via Efficient Advise, we believe that it is also important to be in a position to review investment returns on a consolidated basis. It is also critical to have a rigorous administration and reconciliation process to ensure that withdrawals, additional investments and reinvestments of income are accurately processed and that pricing errors are corrected timeously.

To facilitate this process, Efficient Advise has developed a solution to consolidate all client investments onto a single platform. This platform is equipped with up to date daily pricing and variance reporting mechanisms. This enables regular reconciliations and will thus facilitate the timeous correction of any transactional and pricing errors which would often not even be noticed by many investors.

Our standard report includes a consolidated ongoing valuation report, detailed cash-flow statement and detailed performance statistics at a consolidated level, thus ensuring that clients are able to continually assess the achievement of their overall investment objectives.

Efficient Benefits:

  • Simplified administration via a single consolidated investment report
  • Timely identification and rectification of errors and the related financial savings
  • Daily pricing
  • Monthly newsletter

Our Offering:

  • Detailed cash flows reflecting all investments, withdrawals and reinvestments
  • A long-term consolidated performance graph
  • Administrative management and support